Titus Baron
Full Name Titus Baron
Gender Male
Hometown Ithynia, Lysia
Birthday 26th of Land's Rest, 255 K


Relatives Samuel Baron (father), Kyra Janna Baron (mother)

Titus Baron Summary.


Eye color: hazel


            Age 14

            Titus grew up in the coastal city which is Ithynia.  His father was a fisherman, and his mother taught school.  He grew up under his mother’s tutelage until he was 14 – old enough to go into training for the guard.

            In the training for becoming a guard, Titus learned how to wield a shortsword and how to use it well.  He never really took to two-handed weapons and wasn’t a good shot with a bow.  He did, however, learn also to use a shield – but hated it.  Twas so heavy.

            Age 16

            By age 16, Titus had become an experienced foot soldier for the Ithynian guard.  He was stationed at easy posts and sent on simple missions until he was 18 – the official age of adulthood.

            Age 18

            Titus lived these years guarding Ithynia from the opposing faction city of Tirr.  Every few months, Tirr would send raiders into Ithynia to steal fish and other supplies the city couldn’t get legitimately.  On Titus’s eighteenth nameday, his mother bought a gold-encrusted necklace that the trader said was highly enchantable.

            Age 19

            One day when he was 19, a wizard from the Mystical Metropolis was touring many cities of Lysia for profit.  He was teaching simple magics to commoners, in hopes to make a few gold.  Titus paid him for training, for he wanted to get rid of the shield he thought weighed him down.

            The wizard asked for Titus’s sign.  On the day of Titus’s birth, a strange sign was brought upon the family, one that no one had seen since the reign of High Queen Lysia Samothracia.  It was a phoenix.  The wizard knew of the legend, but did not know enough.  So he did not know if Titus could learn protection magic, but attempted to teach him anyway.  Titus DID learn how to use Barrier within a few months of practice.  What did he sacrifice?  Nothing - for the Phoenix sign lets the user learn any magic with no sacrifice or cooldowns.

            While Titus was reading the “Barrier Tome” or whatever, the wizard returned to The Mystical Metropolis.  He reported the sign of the phoenix to president Jacques Montaire.

            At this time, Arageth was also born under the phoenix sign, and therefore was the president’s best pupil.  As Arageth left for his journey, President Jacques used mental magic to forsee Arageth’s future.  It was not good, for he saw death and destruction from the north.

            Jacques needed a team, so he fled the college of the Mystical Metropolis, and told the people there to stand guard, and expect his arrival with instructions.

            Jacques fled to his mountains, that he normally practiced mind magic in peace.  This time, it was not for peaceful study.  He needed a team to kill Arageth.  He needed all of the phoenix signs in the world.  So far, he only had Titus Baron.

            It would have to do.  He magically summoned Titus to the mountains.  “The mage spoke to him through means Titus assumed magic, for he could hear the voice of the mage in his head while others could not.  At first, Titus could not distinguish whether the voice was from another being or if he was imagining the whole thing.  But the mage proved his existence to Titus sure enough, and lead him to Jacques’s Mountains.” - The Four Realms